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Welcome to the United States Breaking Association (USBA) and World Breaking Association (WBA) website.

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In this section you will find a complete history of Competition Records, Competitor Ratings, World Records and Competitor News.


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Find out about our scheduled events here. All the location, participation and admission details are here!


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Competition Videos

Competitive breaking makes for some of the best action shots and video footage at martial arts tournaments. Check out some of the member submitted videos from various competitions!

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Our Representatives

The USBA/WBA realizes the value in having quality representatives across the USA and abroad. You will see many of the same faces year after year at USBA/WBA events. The USBA/WBA is more than an association, it's a family!

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Featured Media

  • 2014 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Breaking championships!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Jonathan Field- 50 1" boards with palm srikes in 10.5 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by Drew Serrano- 34 patio blocks broken with 3 strikes in under 10 seconds!

  • USBA/WBA World Record set by John Zurisk- 8, 2x4" lengths of lumber with side kicks in 10 seconds!


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